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Trip To XiLi Holiday Village

Release time: 2006-9-16

Before the mid-autumn day,all the stuff including the president of utuo, mr robin foo, headed for the xili holiday village to go fishing and have a barbecue at 4:00 clock on the afternoon of 17th, september, 2005.

It came in drizzle, but it did not reduce any interest from us at all, for everybody was still in high spirit. It took about 40 minutes to arrive at the destination.

After obtaining some tools for fishing and barbecue, colleagues were getting busy. Mr. foo and kelly sat on the bank waiting for the fish to rise to a bait. However, they got nothing with the passage of half an hour. Maggie and Angela were washing some vegetables and meat at the same time, Kevin making a fire, Lisa and Silvia cutting something, and ream giving a favor to maggie and angela. after one hour, a delicious meal was well-prepared and all were edacious because of hungriness.

In the course of dining, the game began with the figure game, then the stuff played the game of scissors, stone and¡@¡@¡@ cloth, an easy and interesting game. Kevin had drunk so much beer, for he always lost to lisa, silvia , and maggie. The other side, dream almost drank up one bottle of the coca cola and several bottles of mineral water because he lost to mr foo. All burst their sides with laughter and immersed in the jollification.

At the end of the game, the manager in the xiliholidayvillage sent two fishes as gifts. She took some pictures for us, after that, we tidied up the place and drove back to dormitry, but we were still excited when we were on the way home.

The next day is the mid-autumn day, all chinese are expecting to have a family reunion. Wish all of people have a happy mid-autumn day.