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Travel to Nan'ao, Smell the Flowers

Release time: 2007-9-12

On September 8, 2007, my company held the outdoor activities of "Nan'ao, go west". It's the second big activity after two days travel to Qingyuan. Sea, sunshine, and beach made employees of Youtuo fully enjoy beautiful of Island Nan'ao.

 Ocean is the soul of Nan'ao, which also made the Sun, the Moon, the Mountain, and the Forest become more attractive...All the employees enjoyed the endless sea and the char ming beach...

Camping, listening to the sea whisper, traveling at night, which made the employees feel sea's gentle and sea's power..

Tug-of-war, eyes contacting, walking together, balloon game, campfire, performing...All provided stages to the employees for showing themselves, keener sense of teamwork, cooperation, and competition. Traveling colors employees' life, makes them work hard and as a team..