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Release time: 2006-8-28

We headed for our destination at 8 oclock in the morning. We were talking and laughing on the way, relaxing with some popular music. We ppreciated the beautiful scenery and saw so many tall buildings outside. How exciting we were at that time! also, we saw a number of shipping containers in yantianharbor, then we changed the subject and talked about something with the transportation about work. An hour later by car, we arrived the beach unconsciously-nanao. After parking, we moved many kinds of snacks for the barbecue on the sea beach. There were so many people, some swimming, some having rest there, and several children were playing games far away.

Facing the azure and boundless sea, we are so excited that we had the passion of swimming. Mr. Foo told us to eat more food before going into the sea so as to keep enough energy. After that, we began to play games on the beach. The game started with that Mr. Foo was the first to be thrown into the water, then one by one was done by this way until everybody attempted the feeling of throwing into the sea. Everyone was burst his sides with laughter.in succession, we began to swim. Boys were good at swimming and taught maggie and angela how to swim, after a while, they swam far away with the help of them. You can imagine how happy erybody is. After swimming for hours, itíŽs time for our lunch - barbecue. We prepared so many foods to roast, but a few of colleagues can not roast for the first time. So they seemed a little hurry-scurry. Unfortunately, the foods were scorched. Mr. Foo actively acted as our chief, and we helped cooking together. After a little, a delicious lunch was finished, we were drinking as well as playing games. Kevin was always punished to drink and felt puzzled, so he drank the most that day until the game was over. After all, we played happily to our heart's content. Happy time went fast. We were exhausted and prepared to go back in dark. With the country - music, the penghuwan of grandmother, we can imagine the sunset and the cozy landscape of villages when the breeze kiss our faces. Boys slept quickly at the back seats and girls had rest on the way home.
    Tomorrow is a new day, we will face new challenges. Under the leadership of Mr. Foo, our young group will enter in a new stage, and our company will become better and better.