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An interesting tour

Release time: 2007-5-21

We had a tour to Qingyuan on 19-20 May, all of our company staff attended this action. Qingyuan is a beautiful town for tour, there are many travels from different cities of china and foreign countries visiting there everyday. On 19 May, we arrived in the town after the three hours traveling on the bus. At first, we had a delicious lunch in a restaurant on the town, we ate some delicious foods made by the minority cook. After finishing the lunch, we went on our first programme---exploration, we climbed a cliffy mountain, it is dangerous but also interesting. We had to pass through some dangerous path in the course of the journey, so our colleague helped each other to reach the mountaintop. The travel is hard, we were very tired when reach the mountaintop, but we were also happy since we are successful to reach the destination. In the afternoon, we had the most interesting program of the tour---- driftage, we drifted in a rubber boat along a small river from the mountaintop. It is very dangerous since the river is narrow and the current is rapid, and there are many stone on the bank of the river. So we had to pull on the Mae West and crash helmet to protect ourselves from injure. And then we had field operations, we pull on the service uniform and the helmet to act as the army and experience the battle.   This tour was interesting and stimulating, we learned how to cooperate with the others and how to reach your destination under the help from others.